Dos And Don'ts Of Changing A Frymaster's Oil


If your business relies on a Frymaster for deep frying foods, or if you plan on buying one in the near future, then it's imperative that you and your employees know how to properly clean out the fryer and change its oil as needed. Otherwise, you'll end up with fried food that's heavy and greasy, rather than light and crispy. You and your employees should all be aware of a few safety dos and don'ts when it comes to working with this type of fryer.

DO Unplug Before Cleaning

Perhaps the most important safety tip that everybody working around a fryer should know is that the fryer must be unplugged before any type of service is performed on it. It's not enough to simply shut the fryer off. Leaving the fryer plugged in could put you and other employees at risk not only of electric shock, but of an electric fire as well. To be safe, some restaurant owners even require employees to shut off power to the breaker before cleaning or changing the cooking oil on a fryer. Furthermore, the fryer should always be allowed to cool before cleaning.

DO Scrape Out Excess Oil

Even once the grease and oil is drained from the fryer, there will likely be some excess oil that's cooled and become caked to the sides of the fryer itself. Typically, the best way to remove this grease is to scrape it off using a spatula. From there, filling the fryer with very hot water and allowing it to sit for about a minute should help to break up any remaining, hardened grease so that it can be scraped off and the fryer itself can be cleaned with a dish soap and warm water solution.

DON'T Discard Immediately

Finally, make sure all employees are aware of the proper disposal technique for used grease and oil. Generally, it should go into an approved metal vat and allowed to cool for at least a couple of hours before disposing of it in a dumpster or other approved receptacle. You may also want to consider recycling your used oil, which some businesses use for heating purposes and will pay you a pretty penny for.

There are many safety precautions that must be taken when cleaning out and changing the oil on a Frymaster. These are just a few of the most important ones that you and your employees should follow. Talk to a company like K & D Factory Service Inc to learn more about caring for this type of fryer.


8 April 2015

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