5 Things You Need To Do To Throw A Great Private Party At A Restaurant


Sometimes, it is just easier to throw a private party at a restaurant. When you throw a private party at a restaurant, you don't have to worry about cleaning your house before and after the party and all the other worries that come with throwing a party at your home. Instead, you can focus on putting on the best party possible. Here are five things you need to do in order to throw a great private party at a restaurant. 

Choose The Restaurant Wisely

The first thing you need to do is choose which restaurant you want to go to. You need to choose a restaurant that not only have the type of food that you want to serve at your party, but also has the ambiance that you are looking for.

You may want to find a restaurant that has rooms specifically designed for a private party. However, if the restaurant you have in mind does not have a specific room for a private party, go down there in person and discuss with the manager and hostess the extra set of tables and location you would like to reserve for your party. This will help you have more control of the atmosphere of your party.

Plan The Menu

Next, since you will be hosting a party, you will want everything to flow smoothly. If you give your guests the choice of the entire menu, you could interrupt the flow of your party by having to wait for late guests to order food, and by having to wait for everyone to decide what they want. Additionally, handling so many different food orders all at once for a large party can be overwhelming for many kitchens.

Instead, sit down with the chef or restaurant manager and work together to create a special menu. This will make the food ordering process go smoother and will make the bill simpler. Choose multiple appetizers you would like the restaurant to have available for the beginning of your party. Then, choose three main courses for your guests to choose from. Make sure you have at least one vegetarian option. Finally, choose two different desserts to have served at your dinner party.

You can allow guests to freely order their drinks, or you can choose a red and white wine that you want to serve with your dinner as well. 

Send Out Invitations

Since you worked with the chef and restaurant manager to create a menu, this is not just another evening out with friends. This is really a special event. By sending out invitations, you will be able to convey this to your guests. Make sure you send out invitations two or three weeks ahead of time, so that your guests can plan to attend your party and so that they RSVP. To make the process go even smoother that night, you may want to ask your guests to choose their main dish ahead of time.

Adding Finishing Touches

To make your private party feel even more special, see if you can arrive thirty minutes early to add a few festive touches. Bring in some extra flowers and candles if the restaurant where you are holding your party will give you permission to add a few extra decorations, or ask the restaurant to make your area a little more festive. 

You can even make seating cards so that everyone knows where to sit when they arrive. 

Pay In Advance

Finally, since this is a party and not a regular dinner out with friends, make sure that you settle the bill in advance. Many restaurants, especially if you planned a private menu, will allow you to pay ahead of time and will add any incidentals to your card after the evening wraps up. If you can't pay ahead for any reasons, make sure you ask the hostess or maitre d' to hold your check, and pay it during dinner. Your guests should never feel pressure to pay the bill at your party. 

If you want to host a private party, but don't want to go through the extra work and worry that comes with holding one at your home, work with your favorite restaurant to create a special evening for your special event. Most restaurants will be more than happy to work with you; just make sure that you tip well at the end of the night. Private parties and large parties can be a lot of work.



8 September 2015

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