How To Plan A New Year's Eve Party With A Texas Theme


Even though Thanksgiving and Christmas aren't here yet, it's definitely not too early to plan your New Year's Eve party. Things get busy, calendars get full and pretty soon the people on your list might receive other invitations.  If you've decided on planning your celebration with a Texas theme, here are some suggestions for you to host a memorable event to bring in 2016.

The Invitations - Consider sending a post card soon just asking your invited friends to save the date. Right after Thanksgiving would be a good time to get the actual invitations out. One idea for an invitation would be to have a depiction of Father Time wearing a cowboy hat. The words could read something like, "Hey Y'All, Corral Yourselves To Our New Year's Shindig!" Another idea would be to make a chain of paper cowboy boots and have the necessary information on each boot. Asking your guests to wear cowboy duds would add to the fun.

The Decor - Even if you have your traditional Christmas decorations up, setting out things like cowboy boots, cowboy hats, Texas stars, armadillos and longhorns will add to the Texas mood you are setting. You will probably be able to find paper plates and paper napkins with a Texas theme at a party supply store. And, since you're planning early, perhaps you'll find them online. If not, think about just buying red plates and napkins and putting disposable cutlery in the napkin, securing the bundle with twine.

The Activities - How about the old game of Pin-the-Tail-on-the-Donkey, and placing a paper cowboy hat on the donkey's head. Another really fun idea would be to get somebody to lead your group in a sing-along with songs like Deep in the Heart of Texas, The Yellow Rose of Texas and Home on the Range. Another fun game might be where people have to put famous cowboy couples together. Some to consider would be Roy Rogers and Dale Evans, Roy Rogers and Trigger, John Wayne and Maureen O'Hara, and The Lone Ranger and Tonto. 

The Food - It would almost be blasphemy not to serve barbecue at a party with a Texas theme! Consider having your event catered by a restaurant that specializes in bbq catering. Some great foods to include would be assorted meats like chicken, beef, and sausage. Great sides would be potato salad, beans, corn, cole slaw and corn bread, or just plain old sliced white bread. Complete your meal with fruit cobblers. You'll be surprised that catering is affordable, and when you don't have to do a bit of work, you'll know that the cost was worth every penny. Like sending out your invitations early, it's important to make a reservation with the company that will do your bbq catering, too.

Consider sending everybody home with a Texas party favor. Some to consider are little bags with pecan pralines in them or tiny plastic boots with candy sticks in them. 


11 November 2015

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