How To Plan A New Year's Eve Party With A Texas Theme


Even though Thanksgiving and Christmas aren't here yet, it's definitely not too early to plan your New Year's Eve party. Things get busy, calendars get full and pretty soon the people on your list might receive other invitations.  If you've decided on planning your celebration with a Texas theme, here are some suggestions for you to host a memorable event to bring in 2016. The Invitations - Consider sending a post card soon just asking your invited friends to save the date.

11 November 2015

5 Things You Need To Do To Throw A Great Private Party At A Restaurant


Sometimes, it is just easier to throw a private party at a restaurant. When you throw a private party at a restaurant, you don't have to worry about cleaning your house before and after the party and all the other worries that come with throwing a party at your home. Instead, you can focus on putting on the best party possible. Here are five things you need to do in order to throw a great private party at a restaurant.

8 September 2015

Healthy Classrooms: Conquering Food As A Reward


The days of food rewards in the classroom are quickly coming to an end. A combination of food allergies and health concerns are making many teachers and school officials aware that food must be treated differently in school than it was in the past. The following tips can help teachers, administrators, and parent volunteers navigate the sometimes murky waters of dealing with food in schools. Reward Wisely In the past, a cookie or piece of candy was a just reward for students that behaved or turned in their work on time.

22 June 2015

Dos And Don'ts Of Changing A Frymaster's Oil


If your business relies on a Frymaster for deep frying foods, or if you plan on buying one in the near future, then it's imperative that you and your employees know how to properly clean out the fryer and change its oil as needed. Otherwise, you'll end up with fried food that's heavy and greasy, rather than light and crispy. You and your employees should all be aware of a few safety dos and don'ts when it comes to working with this type of fryer.

8 April 2015